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64-bit no more

Due to my old machine doesn’t able to handle 64-bit and super unstable.  I finally decided to reinstall back to 32bit until I hardware upgrade it.  Phew..

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Me and Nan were planning to shoot at the sky lobby of my apartment.   We took an hour to setup everything and doing makeup.  As we starting to shoot the facility manager of the apartment came and tell us that we weren’t allow to do any photo shoot at the area and ask us to leave.   We have no other choice but to get up and shoot at my suite.  Surprisingly turned out exactly what I want in such limited space.

Makeup: Wei
Model: Jamie Lee
Photog: Patrick Wong / Nan Li

Full album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hapzunglam/sets/72157625455067382/

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Can’t fall asleep

3:46am.   Can’t fall asleep.  TOo much to think.  Too complicated

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64 bit

I thought 64 bit OS would be faster than 32 bit.  A long waited question finally have an answer.  I asked many ppl and they don’t seem having an exact answer.  I tried it on my super turtle machine and the result is very clear.  My Windows had some strange error yesterday and I couldn’t recover it.  So I decided to reinstall the whole thing.  I was going to reinstall anyway why don’t I try 64 bit out.  So I did.  My CPU is… almost the first generation of 64bit.  AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800.  haha see how old it is? Almost 6 years old.

From boot up, installing apps, to open photoshop, doing simple renders in Maya.  Everything cashes slowly. Even my wacom response is a little laggy.  Maybe its really time to upgrade.  Well, that will be another big trouble…. sigh.  I’ll see…

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Logo Modified


I’ve always wanted to get my logo update since 2005.  Finally sat down and think about it.  I actually liked my old logo a lot.  Its being created by and old software Corel Painter 9.  It was painted with its water colour brush. It turned out greatly.  I always wanted to keep some sort of theme with that.  Something artistic, brush strokes and etc.  But the 2003 version was already having brush stroke theme.  It was created by Adobe Illustrator.  I must make something different than that.  This time I m hand painted the strokes with Photoshop CS5.  Since the CS5 has some new awesome painterly brush.  It turned out a lot better now.  I can keep a lot of the forms from the original logo.

Here are my logos thru out the years since 2001.








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Recent WIP

I’ve been playing with the maya skin shader and the hair system from “shave and hair cut” plug-in for some time now but it is too hard to control.  My computer took 29mins to get this thing to render.


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