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Self made tutorial

This is a 2nd video tutorial I uploaded to my youtube channel teaching the basic simple way to unwrap complex geometry. I speed up the video to 1.5x so it doesn’t get as boring. But it scaled my voice too. I can’t find a way to tune it back down to my normal voice. Anyways, you can still able to hear what I said hopefully. Enjoy

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First video tutorial I’ve ever do.  My voice was indeed lacking of favour which I need to practice on in the future tutorials.  Capture with Camtasia.  Didn’t realize that the software is getting much better than it was in version 1 before.

In the near future I’d probably do another tutorial on some 3D stuff.  And if I figure how to get iphone to record I might also going to do some photoshoot behind the scene explaination videos.

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Photo class in Dubai

Bert Stephani is a great photographer.  Check out more from his youtube channel.  This is a long waited video after 8 months from his previous.  Didn’t show too much of the technique but this video still give you concepts on how it can be done.

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iPhone Tripod

I’ll be receiving a demo of this product.  Looks fantastic to me.  I’ll be writing a review on this once I got it.  Excited. http://mosymount.com/

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Designing costume

I am not a designer.  And its been a long time not to draw since I get into 3D which is almost 10 years.  I do paint textures and draw something simple due to work but actually I have not been draw like that for a long time.  Last piece that I work on was totally lacking of pre-production design and this time I want to make sure I get what I want before doing it.

Through out these days I’ve been researching, painting, trying different things for this model.  I originally didn’t plan to make this model tobe a character.  It was only a shader modeling practice as well as trying to make a template character so that I can start anything faster.

Its pretty much done on that part anyway so why not make it alive.  I did a few concept but end up trashing them and start it all over from a total different direction.

I am a lazy person I dont want to deal with all sort of polygon crashing issue later on either by posing it or even animating it.  I want to make the costume as tight to the model as possible and less hanging cloth sort of thing.  I begin with a super sexy costume.  Sexy means less cloth, less cloth means easy to make. haha.   But I end up throwing that out cuz it … just look cheese.  Then I research further more.  Finally end up something stylize but also still having some eastern type of look.  Im still not 100% sure about the lower part of the costume especially on the boots.   But maybe I’ll start from here.

Through out the process cuz I was overlaying my painting onto the renders and noticing that my previous version was… too fat to fit any clothes on.  So I went back to do more WAY more on modeling just to fine tune her to be skinnier but not destroying the proportion.  It is way better now.

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There has some modeling update on it as well as the eyebrow is added.  Also did all the touch-ups on the spec map.  Its closely finished as this stage.  Maybe I’ll still have to test about the eyeball shader.  Its seems too bright right now.

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