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I’ve been busying on taking a course for applying a driving instructor licence and not have much time creating tutorials.  Hopefully I’ll b able to continue after so.


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Another tutorial on texturing.  Im hoping to get at least 1 tutorial done in every 2 weeks on either making computer graphics or photography.  Next would probably continue making further layer on how to texture sets(big surface).  Stay toon!~

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Mosy Mount Unboxing

Few weeks ago a representative of Mosy Mount has sent me a copy of Mosy mount.  I’ve tried it on and its pretty awesome as an iphone tripod.  They have different sizes and it doesn’t have to be iphone. The mount can mount on any regular tripod or video camera tripod.  As I promise that I’ll do a review on it and here it is.  http://www.mosymount.com/

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Got an RS-7

Originally submitted at SellNSend

The Black Rapid RS-7 is the ultimate camera strap and works with Black Rapid’s MODS system. The RS-7 is specially designed to work with Black Rapid�s MODS system. It features attachment points so you can customize your strap with your choice of storage and other features. It�s constructed of ba…

the perfect strap

By HapZungLam from Vancouver, BC on 1/10/2011
5out of 5

Pros: Strong Construction, Adjustable, Comfortable, Well Padded

Cons: Difficult to Attach

Was this a gift?: Yes

ITs the best strap ever. I removed the nikon strap right away. Its secure, comfort, and great. The only thing that I’d complain would be the 1/4 screw maybe too long for my handstrap. Cuz I have added a nikon handstrap onto my D700 with grip. Some how the screw hole of the handstrap is some what not deep enough to fit in the black rapid. But an easy fix is to buy a small 1/4 rubber washer from homedepot which will add to the existed washer which make it work.


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I’ve spent a total of 2 weeks to put an SSS tutorial together.  I thought it could be finish in 10 mins(1 part) but it end up being 5 videos.  The lacking of information on SSS from the internet I hope this tutorial will help it out.

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