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Issue fixed



There has a few issues with the model.  Here is the fixes and updated render.

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Texturing tip 101

I switched the title of my youtube texture videos and I’ve added 1 more few days ago.

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Posing the character



After I’ve finished the course. I’ve gone back to work on this model.  I ditched all the designs that I’ve been planning to do months ago.  Im not a good costume designer.  Maybe I should just leave it as casual outfit.

I used to use the biped rig from XSI to pose my character.   After trying different ways of posing(including mudbox and zbrush, transpose master,etc)  I finally gone back to softimage and make my own rig.  Since Im not going to animate her.  I set my right by simple parenting and FK.   Using linear spline as the bone structure.  It works quite good.  I dont even have to do much on extra fine tune when I transfer back to the highres.

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My greatest photography partner has newly submitted his wedding portfolio.NNL_5687ssfNNL_5699ssfNNL_5807ssfNNL_5808ssfNNL_5812ssfNNL_5817ssfNNL_5820ssfNNL_5821ssfaNNL_5822ssfNNL_5901ssfNNL_5905ssfNNL_5957ssfNNL_5610ssfbNNL_5611ssfNNL_5613ssfNNL_5616ssfNNL_5625ssfNNL_5630ssfNNL_5643ssfNNL_5650ssfNNL_5656ssfNNL_5659ssfNNL_5682ssf

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