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Note: XGen is very sensitive to naming, shadings, everything.  Make sure the project folders name has no space, object that is going to apply xgen has no space no underscore, the object has only basic maya material assigned to it maybe as well just leave it with the scene default lambert before creating xgen descriptions.

move the guides:. select the add guild tool and control drag on top of the existed guide to move individually

Freeze transform: If for any reason the guide got rotated and scaled, select the guide, in the xgen attribute window at the top. Guides > Bake Guide Vertices to freeze transform

Set higher CV count: select the guide> under primitives>primitive attribute> rebuild

Set other un-modified guide to the modified guide:  Utilities > target guide > select the modified guide as target guide > set target > select the unmodified guide > move selected guide > clean up

export/import: to copy or import the same collection/description into another scene or another object.  Its better to be using the same geometry to grow from.  The ptex map will not be copying over. Ptex needs to be exported separately.

  1. select the collection/description from outliner
  2. modeling > generate(maya 2016 where the xgen can be found under) > export as preset / import preset


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