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[Notes]Maya Arnold

Run Arnold Plugin: window->preference -> plugin manager -> load mtao.mll

Flush Caches: When arnold loaded some texture files it’ll lock the file to prevent over written.  To save textures that has already been loaded into arnold.  Do a flush Cache command. Arnold -> flush caches -> all

Arnold render view: It has better option than the traditional maya render veiw.  It has drop down for passes and individual node rendering.  Render will only render updated attribute not the whole scene

usage: Arnold > experimental >arnold render view. “shift” to render region. Turn on 3D manipulat: Under view > 3D manipulation.

render view debugging: temperarly assig basic shader for debugging.  And only render selected object or shader or even individual shading node can be achieve by going under Render > debugging > isolate selection.

save thread: deativate some thread so it can be use for something else.  Render > save UI threads > 1 2 or 3


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Still need a lot of tweaks, especially the lips and the mouth bags.  I’ll also test out xgen for eyebrow eye lashes.  Hope it will not be too difficult.

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[Notes]Maya Bonus Tools

Modify Section:

Click/Drag Move Tool: ctrl+shift+w  (hit it once to activate).  May select more than one object and draw on the screen and the object will follow.  Hold shift will only move XZ,  hold ctrl will only move Y

Click/Drag Rotate Tool: ctrl+shift+e (hit it once to activate) hold shift to local rotate,  ctrl to go around the last selected object

Snap Align Object to component: select the object that is going to move -> hover over the target geometry -> rightclick and choose any component -> shift click on one face/edge/point -> bonus tool -> modify -> snap align object to component option -> snapAlign object.

Replicate object on Components..: same procedure with snap align object to component-> select the source, over over target object rmc face/edge/point shift select multiple component -> bonus tool-> modify ->replicate object on components -> replicate object.

Paint Geometry Tool…. :  Paint duplicate geometry on another geometry’s surface

1. Specify the name(rename it in outliner) of the duplicate (cuz it doesn’t allow you to pick which object,  have to type in the name manually)
2. the duplicate geometry must be sitting at 0,0,0.
3. select the surface geometry that wanted the duplicate to sit on
4. Bonus Tools -> Modify -> Paint Geometry tool.
5. type in the name of the duplicate object at geometry section
6. make sure create/modify is selected, adjust the grid size for density, jitter grid is randomization.
7. start painting
8. may go back and select modify or remove and continue to paint


UV editing section:

Auto Unwrap UVs Tool..

1. Select the mesh (make sure the name of the object is clean in one word, no brackets, no colon, not in a group, not in a set.  If in fact that it is an imported obj.  ctrl+d to make a copy, delete the original.
2. bonus tools -> UV Editing -> Auto Unwrap UV Tool… -> enter tool and close
3. select edges that want to cut -> hit add border -> turn on UV editor window -> hit continue when its done
4. check in UV editor, go back to pick more edges if needed.
5. Done button always not working, May need to restart the scene

* pipe,torus type of object: Auto unwrap UV’s Tool -> Choose uniform face method


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