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Face Practice 24


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Inside mental ray

Got a nice XGen groom? Everything looks decent in VP2, but in your mental ray renders parts of the hair are missing or, even worse, the hair is not rendered at all?
Don’t panic, these issues can be addressed.

Hair geometry shader setup

In mental ray, XGen hair and other procedurals like cards or randomly instanced archives are handled by a geometry shader. This geometry shader needs to be set up correctly. Usually, this is done automatically by Maya when a new XGen description is being created. In some cases it can happen though, that the geometry shader gets lost or has not been applied. As a result, the XGen primitives are not rendered. To reapply the shader, open the preview/output tab of the XGen window and click the “Setup” button to the right of  “Setup Geo Shaders” in the output settings section:

After that, your XGen description should render.

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SD_stones SD_stonesB

Following Rogelio’s tutorial came up with  my own version of rock/stone generator.  It is much simpler than I thought

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