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2ndary detail


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Substance designer/painter PBR textures to mental ray

Hey there!Substance designer and painter (SP) are awesome packages. If you’re reading this, you probably agree. And, like me, you are probably also looking for a way to get those PBR textures to render nicely in mental ray (MR). Now I couldn’t find any solution online, so instead I went to set out to see how I could reproduce SP rendering in MR. And I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t find something that seems to work 😉If you just want the results, scroll down a bit to conclusion and you’ll get the setup I ended up with.First of all, let me mention I used the MR “mila_material”. I started with a mia material, but mila is the future! And also much more convenient for our purposes. So; basic diffuse layer and a glossy reflect layer.

image 1


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As long as the import scale is the same as export scale. It’ll sync with zbrush. Pick ft to get by over or under scale

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