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Final adjustment

I took a top view of my jeans and roto it.  The messurement of the front piece was dead on.  Back piece was a bit over size.  The yoke curve was way off.  Now it should be 100% the same as  my own jeans.  Donno why it’s still stratching at the center butt area.


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copy all fabric from my own jeans.  great result.  But my computer isn’t good enough for good simulation


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Source: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Resources/Showcases/PhotorealisticCharacter/


Skin Shading

The character’s skin is created through the use of UE4’s Subsurface Profile shading model .


Note the use of Material Functions to set up the base for the skin Material. This is done as a reusable authoring approach to creating Materials for Paragon. In this way, artists can standardize approaches to generating certain types of surfaces, knowing that a fundamental change to a single Function will update all instances where that Function is being used.

Skin Shader Textures

The textures used on the character’s skin are all at 4K resolution and were originally produced from facial scans of the actor. The textures were then cleaned up and tweaked by artists at Epic. This skin setup utilizes five total texture maps: diffuse, roughness, specularity, scatter, and normal. (more…)

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  1. set the top layer as linear light, fill 50%
  2. double click into the layer for adding layer style
  3. under blending option: custom, activate blend interior effects as group
  4. under color overlay > blend mode as linear burn  > colour set to 255 255 128

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When drag and drop layers from a document from SP export bridge button.  It may encounter a colour profile issue.  Its like the gamma is different.  To fix it.  Have the SP exported doc selected and go under Edit > Convert to profile > hit OK


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A very good article

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Hair anatomy research


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