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All credit goes to Emory in discord.

Emory: I came up with something real fast that I was told might do well in this channel, so I’ll post that now
Emory: Start off with these nodes. The mode for Slope Blur should be Blur or Max with a value below 1
 Emory: Step 2: Do some blending before going into an edge detect to get thinner lines and then blur those out
 Emory: Step 3: The lines we got before are pretty uniformly black, so we need to add in some variation.
Emory: Step 4: More blending on the lines and adding in a bevel/slope blur at the end
Emory: The end result is something like this
Emory: If you want more ridges and irregularities, you can add in a directional warp + fractal sum base (or whatever noise you want) with the appropriate values before the very first slope blur

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