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Teach Yourself to Sew

Sewing Terms to Know

Oct 11, 2010

Check this glossary for the definitions of some of the common sewing terms you will need.

Anchoring stitches- Machine stitches sewn with zero stitch length to keep from pulling out, or the end of seam when you stitch backwards for a few stitches to anchor the stitch.
Apex- Highest point on a rounded bulge.
Appliqué A surface embellishment made by cutting fabric or lace designs and stitching them to the foundation fabric.
Appliqué scissors- Also known as duck bill scissors, one blade is wide for safe trimming around edges.
Armscye Sewing term used to define the armhole.
Asymmetrical bias garment- A bias cut garment that is not a mirror image of itself from side to side.



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