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Source: http://www.arch-pub.com/Maya-2016-Xgen-Paint-Tool-Issue_10822239.html

// Error: XGen:  Runtime error while setting up paint tool   (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\plug-ins\xgen\scripts\xgen​m\ui\widgets\xgExpressionUI.py:939) //

If this error occur when trying to create ptex on any attribute.  Xgen will refuse to create the ptex file and all the existed mask thats driven by ptex(density mask, regional mask) will fail.  Even if resetting the expression and reassign new map.

This is causing by a different material has been apply on to the scalp which is different from the material that’s originally has.  Reattach back to what it used to have (mostly just lambert1) will work again.

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