Thx To Fabian F. and Wes from 2015 answering my question: https://forum.substance3d.com/index.php?topic=4886.0

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Change to Pattern input inside the tile node to nearest or bilinear instead of bilinear + mipmap


Can’t colour pick inside the color window > image > load image.  It is a known bug.  Instead of using colour window to import.  Need to import from image manager to use eye dropper (c) to colour pick.


There is a way to fix it. Thanks to Luke Harris!

open the xgUtilitiesTab.py

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2019\plug-ins\xgen\scripts\xgenm\ui\tabs\xgUtilitiesTab.py, line 115-118

and rename    $gxgmTMLookupTable     to —>    $gXgmTMLookupTable

  1. in zbrush, drop the geometry to lvl 1
  2. go to preference > import/export >set FlipAndSwitch =1 > Tangent FlipAndSwitch =25
  3. tool > vector displacement map > turn on vd Tangent > turn on vd 32bit > hit Create And Export VDmap
  4. drag and drop that map into maya hypershade  make sure that is being set to raw (should be automatically set to raw)
  5. pull out an aiStandardSurface (or aiUtility for testing)
  6. open its shading group attribute > drag and drop the vector displacement file node into the displacement mat. a maya displacement node will bridge between automatically
  7. by default maya will think that a regular displacement map is being use so the texture will be fed into the displacement in displacement shader node. break that coneection and manually connect the displacement file node outcolor to the vector displacement input inside the displacement shader node
  8. inside the displacement shader node, turn vector space to tangent. under arnold section , make sure the “auto bump” is turned on
  9. select the geo > attribute editor go under it’s mesh tab > under arnold > subdivision < type: catclark > iteration: 6

Maybe the image needs to be brighten up to see. But this is the issue.

What I did was I created a 16bit gradient image in photoshop saved it as tiff. Import the file into image manager, Drag drop the image onto the viewport as a projection. just stamp on it with a very large brush on the UV. This is what it’s been visualized. If I export texture as flatten the texture looks fine. It just kinda bothers me that the mari viewport sort of displaying these steps of gradient.

note that if I m using the procedural gradient layer it seems fine. Looks like its just the projection brush giving this result.


Under Preference > GPU > Virtual Texture > Type: set to Half


MD fabric types