All credit goes to Emory in discord.

Emory: I came up with something real fast that I was told might do well in this channel, so I’ll post that now
Emory: Start off with these nodes. The mode for Slope Blur should be Blur or Max with a value below 1
 Emory: Step 2: Do some blending before going into an edge detect to get thinner lines and then blur those out
 Emory: Step 3: The lines we got before are pretty uniformly black, so we need to add in some variation.
Emory: Step 4: More blending on the lines and adding in a bevel/slope blur at the end
Emory: The end result is something like this
Emory: If you want more ridges and irregularities, you can add in a directional warp + fractal sum base (or whatever noise you want) with the appropriate values before the very first slope blur



2nd platform cabinates


pillar update


scifi panel


Hangar block out

jeans tshirt and jacket