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// Error: XGen:  Runtime error while setting up paint tool   (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\plug-ins\xgen\scripts\xgen​m\ui\widgets\xgExpressionUI.py:939) //

If this error occur when trying to create ptex on any attribute.  Xgen will refuse to create the ptex file and all the existed mask thats driven by ptex(density mask, regional mask) will fail.  Even if resetting the expression and reassign new map.

This is causing by a different material has been apply on to the scalp which is different from the material that’s originally has.  Reattach back to what it used to have (mostly just lambert1) will work again.

The render shows:

top        : manually input value into rendering space from what Photoshop gave me
mid       : manually input value into display space from what Photoshop gave me
bottom : linked images that was exported from Photoshop

If by just using the colour picker dropper from Maya’s colour swatch.  It will automatically pick the correct colour and display at the swatch properly.  Which it’ll sample by display space.  However since the default is set to rendering space.  If you punch in the RGB value manually, you’ll get a different colour from the external source you see .

Conclusion: if you need to punch in RGB value in the swatch.  Switch it to “Display Space”.  The color management check box makes no effects, it’s just a visual display.  If you are going to colour pick from the internet or photoshop by the eye dropper in maya.  It doesn’t matter  you are in rendering or display space it will always pick the same colour as your external source.

Thx to Matthias

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  1. switch to 16bit cuz although its default as relative to parent but it only works for the background input
  2. ctrl+e going into fx-map select quadrant and change to input image
  3. There is the pattern size that can be scale down or beyond 1