MD fabric sim property

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Tiff/png will have artifacts even when the texture is 16bit.  Problem solved by resave the image in photoshop in PSD.

(Backup) PBR models

Source:  https://google.github.io/filament/Filament.md

Author unknown.  Posting here as a backup just in case the original get deleted

Physically-based rendering engine

Teach Yourself to Sew

Sewing Terms to Know

Oct 11, 2010

Check this glossary for the definitions of some of the common sewing terms you will need.

Anchoring stitches- Machine stitches sewn with zero stitch length to keep from pulling out, or the end of seam when you stitch backwards for a few stitches to anchor the stitch.
Apex- Highest point on a rounded bulge.
Appliqué A surface embellishment made by cutting fabric or lace designs and stitching them to the foundation fabric.
Appliqué scissors- Also known as duck bill scissors, one blade is wide for safe trimming around edges.
Armscye Sewing term used to define the armhole.
Asymmetrical bias garment- A bias cut garment that is not a mirror image of itself from side to side.

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practice update

If you’re a developer of 3D games, then you’ve probably come across the terms forward rendering and deferred rendering in your research of modern graphics engines. And, often, you’ll have to choose one to use in your game. But what are they, how do they differ, and which one should you pick?

The difference between forward rendering and deferred renderingDeferred Rendering for many lights (Image courtesy of Hannes Nevalainen)

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