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Yesterday in Allegorithmic discord.  User crazyplay46 has an issue on bakes in substance painter.  Couldn’t figure out what causing the artifacts.UVproblem2.pngUVproblem.png

Even bakes with 4kUVproblem_4k.png

This is caused by the UV isn’t aligned 100% vertical or horizontal.  Later crazyplay46 has fixed the problem by re-UVed as one of other users suggest.   Sometimes its better to stretch parts of the UV to get a straight edge instead of keeping it unstretch especially for hardsurfaces.

Vertex Normal

edit vertex normal script needs to be tested

A topic from polycount years ago: http://polycount.com/discussion/154664/a-short-explanation-about-custom-vertex-normals-tutorial/p1

by Obscura


Due to a request from a friend Im starting to test out editing vertex normal

Maya has its custom edit vertex normal function under mesh display.  BUt that one sucks.  It give u option to rotate vertex normal but I end up have to do that for each vertex and my perception maybe wrong.


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Hair block out