• colormap: utility texture
  • scalar map: utility raw
  • HDR: utility linear sRGB

BP21 hair

Article / April 5,

Have you ever wondered what exactly the bit-depth options mean? And why some software packages just don’t seem to have the same options as others? Well, that’s what this blog post is about. The easiest way to explain bit-depth is that it defines how many substeps of brightness are stored in an image and over which range of brightness these are spread out. But to understand which option you should use in which scenario, we need to dive in a bit deeper.

Let’s start with 8-bit. It’s the bit depth typically used for online content or preview images as it provides a decent viewing experience, while not using more disk-space/bandwidth than is necessary. 8-bit has 256 substeps (per channel) and can store values ranging from 0.0 (black) to 1.0 (white). A gradient from black to white using 8-bit looks like this.

We pretty much can’t see any stepping or other issues, but if we were to make adjustments to this image, things would look quite different. Let’s say we have a displacement map and need to make it stronger as it was very weak originally. This is effectively the same as boosting the contrast of the texture.

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[mari]ACES notes

Everything is unsure.  Subject to change

ID maps:  import as utility raw

color to mask: assuming color picking from an ID map from a 3rd party.  As it was imported as utility raw.  Pick the color from the color to mask swatch also need to switch the LUT to utility raw

Channels settings:


  • colour data: ACEScg, raw off, scalar off
  • mask data: utility-raw, raw off, scalar on


  1. colour data: utility raw, raw off, scalar on
  2. mask data: utility-raw, raw off, scalar on

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11:51 AM :

I have an issue: whenever I create a new substance graph. The preset template window is either fly off the screen or simply disappeared. I click anywhere in substance will have the window ping sound. I ‘ve tried reset UV but no success. How to fix it

  1. open regedit
  2. goto Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\session
  3. delete the “dialogs” folder

Vray update